Notas del Parche para For Honor (Inglés)

Mañana 21 de Febrero, tendremos el primer pequeño parche para For Honor.  Se repararán pequeños problemas en la versión de PC:

  • Easy AntiCheat
    • FIXED: Updated the error messaging for certain Easy AntiCheat notifications to make them more user friendly
    • FIXED: Error that was incorrectly blocking some players from entering the game
  • Steam Controller users will no longer be kicked as inactive (AFK) when providing controller input
  • Addressed bugs in the the shutdown process
    • FIXED: game sometimes storing borderless in the options on shutdown
    • FIXED: game still showing in taskbar after pressing x. When clicked you would see a small window without borders that closes shortly after.
  • Addressed several PC startup/full screen bugs
    • FIXED: game starting in window mode when clicking somewhere else during startup
    • FIXED: game switch display mode twice on startup
    • FIXED: game switching to borderless when ALT+ENTER after previous switch to full screen failed
  • Fixed the caching of settings on game minimization
    • FIXED: Incorrect window positions being stored in options when game is minimized
  • A message will now be displayed on BOOT if Intel GPU driver is below min specs

(Fuente: Reddit)

Written by: Perrodelobo

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